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A.M. Adair

The Elle Anderson Series

Shadow Game

Elle Anderson waited until he was right on top of her. When he turned to yell for security, she shot her blade across the back of his ankle, cutting his Achilles tendon. The shock robbed him of his voice, and his body went crashing to the ground. She covered his mouth and slit his throat.

His body convulsed, making it harder to drag him into the shadows, but she needed to buy herself some time. She couldn’t risk one of the other men spotting him lying on the ground. It wasn’t perfect, and the man was still in the throes of death, but she had to go. Even if help were to arrive in the next couple of minutes, it would be too late. The only question was: how much time did she have before she had pursuit?

Sent in by the CIA, Elle Anderson leads a small, elite team charged with destroying the most dangerous terrorist organization the world has ever known. She is intelligent and resourceful and capable of anything, but she works in a world where emotions and distractions are unacceptable. It’s a world with no set rules and where the game is driven by will. This sometimes means acting more like the villain than the hero, because it’s the difference between life and death.

The line between good and evil is cloaked in shadow.

The end justifies the means.

And, this is just the beginning….

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 Acclaim for: The Deeper Shadow.

2021 NYC Big Book Awards - Distinguished Favorite

"An action-packed, exceptionally executed, exhilarating ride from start to finish. Without a shadow of a doubt, 4 out of 4 Stars!" -​

Full review:

"A violent espionage narrative with a lethal and unhinged female operative...The ending is literally explosive with a badass action sequence ending on a cliffhanger that promises a lot more action and retribution." - Best Thriller Books​

Full Review: Best Thriller Books

Th​e Deeper Shadow

Elle went through the door and joined the melee. She ran to the ladder well. It would create a fatal funnel for anyone who tried to come up while she held the high ground. Entering, she could see men approaching, and she opened fire. Keeping to the side, she made certain she could not be taken out by a lucky shot and started down. Looking around the landing, she saw sprays of blood on the bulkheads and several bodies. The passageway was extremely narrow, limiting maneuverability; she didn’t like it.

Elle kept moving, and he followed her. They were in a fight, and he was evaluating her every move. He could put a bullet in her head at any time. It made her skin crawl, knowing there was a threat directly behind her, but she wasn’t going to stop. She felt alive.

Pulled from the brink of death, CIA operative Elle Anderson, now faces the fight of her life. Physically and emotionally battered, she struggles to recover from the trauma of her capture by terrorists. But how do you win a war being waged in your own mind? To complicate matters, she still has a job to do, and the clock is ticking.

If she fails, we all lose. 

The terrorist responsible for her capture is still alive, and the network is regaining its strength. Her window of opportunity to end them is closing. It’s time to get back in the game, and finish what she started. 

Rejoining her team, Elle moves to take control of her operation. Suffering from the impacts of her post traumatic stress, she must find a way to keep everything together. But old enemies, and new, test her in ways she never thought possible. Traveling to Africa, she sets her sights on her next target. A charismatic and deadly arms dealer; financier and facilitator of terrorists. To beat him, she must immerse herself in his world. When tested, will Elle remember whose side she’s on?

The threat can come from any direction the deeper into the shadows you go. 

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Shadow Game - The Graphic Novel

With the assistance of artist Ray Lopez and Conquest Publishing, all the action and excitement of Shadow Game will be captured in stunning full color images! 

For a sneak peek inside the cover, visit A.M. Adair on Facebook or Instagram. Links below!

Available on 15 January 2022! 

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Don't miss the explosive series finale: Shadow War  

The end justifies the means...

And the end is here.

Coming MARCH 2022!! Pre-oder your copy above!

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